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Our Current Programs

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Philly ADAPT

Philly ADAPT, as a program of Disabled in Action of PA and a chapter of National ADAPT, is an organization that focuses on advocating for the civil and human rights of people with disabilities. They employ nonviolent direct action techniques, including civil disobedience, to advance their cause and promote the freedom and independence of individuals with disabilities.

National ADAPT is a prominent organization that has been working tirelessly to fight for the rights of people with disabilities at a national level. Philly ADAPT's affiliation with National ADAPT strengthens their mission and provides a broader platform to address the issues faced by individuals with disabilities.

The practice of nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, is a strategy often employed by advocacy groups to draw attention to their cause and pressure decision-makers to implement change. By engaging in such actions, Philly ADAPT members actively demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the civil and human rights of people with disabilities.

The website for National ADAPT, provided as, serves as a valuable resource to learn more about the organization's history, campaigns, and ongoing initiatives. It is a useful platform for individuals interested in getting involved or supporting their cause.

Overall, Philly ADAPT's affiliation with National ADAPT and their commitment to nonviolent direct action demonstrates their dedication to promoting the civil and human rights of people with disabilities. Their efforts and advocacy work are essential in raising awareness and creating meaningful change in society.

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Individual Advocacy

DIA, or Disabled in Action of PA, is an organization that offers individual advocacy and information and referral services to individuals with disabilities. These services are aimed at assisting individuals in navigating various challenges they may face due to their disabilities and ensuring their rights are protected. DIA works with Centers for Independent Living (CILs)  such as Liberty Resources, Inc. to assist them in doing this. 

Individual advocacy involves working on behalf of an individual to address specific issues or concerns they may have. This can include advocating for accommodations, accessibility, employment rights, healthcare access, or any other relevant matters. By providing individual advocacy services, DIA members strive to support individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals and accessing the resources and support they need.

Information and referral services are also important offerings provided by DIA. They assist individuals in finding relevant information and connecting them with appropriate resources, services, and organizations that can help address their specific needs. This can include information on disability rights, legal protections, accessible housing, support groups, and other relevant topics. By providing these services, DIA aims to empower individuals with disabilities by equipping them with knowledge and connections to relevant support systems.

To request individual advocacy through DIA, individuals can contact DIA at by the contact us form

In summary, DIA's individual advocacy and information and referral services play a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities. By offering assistance, guidance, and connections to resources, DIA members strive to empower individuals and ensure their rights are protected and respected. The contact form serves as a convenient way for individuals to initiate the process of seeking individual advocacy through DIA.

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