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Cassie Holdsworth talks to a business man about what their protest is about from the ground out of her chair.


Nothing About Us Without Us

Disabled In Action of Pennsylvania founded in 1973 is one of the States and Country's oldest and most successful cross disability advocacy. It’s an advocacy group run and controlled by people with disability and allies. We campaign for access to everything in our community and needed resources that allow us to remain in the community. We work with all disabled people regardless of disability or age. We do not provide services but work with Disabled people in our community to increase services and access to a larger community and battle barriers to our participant. Through the years, we have been involved in countless advocacy efforts that have led to improvements to our community but there is always more to do.


Here are just some of the accomplishments of DIA:

Developed State Legislation so disabled people could report discrimination to the Human Rights commission assisted 100’s of disabled people in writing complaints.

Worked on 504 enforcement issues leading to more housing options

Participated in lawsuits aimed at getting buses accessible and took to the streets on transportation issues even before we joined ADAPT. The combination of lawsuits and actions by our community lead to accessible buses in Philadelphia. 

Work on getting more curb cuts on the streets under 504 and ADA, which led to curb cuts throughout are City.

Worked on the first attendant care program Act 150 legislation.

Developed the proposal that created Liberty Resources, which then was then called Resource for Living Independently.

Lobbied for the ADA in Washington DC and joined ADAPT in fighting for the ADA to be law.  

Many members attended the signing of the Americans’ with Disabilities ACT at the White House and saw President Bush sign the ADA.

Worked with the Governor Ridge administration to develop an Olmsted Plan.

Advocated for aggressive patient care when managed care hit Philadelphia

Worked directly with the Governor Rendell Administration and many people got out of nursing homes.

Work for getting accessible taxicabs throughout the City of Philadelphia as well as accessible public transportation and reliable par transit services.


Helping to end the institutional bias through direct actions that protect and increase Medicaid and home and community based service funding.

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